Solar Geyser 100L
Integrated Plasma Panel & Tank.

Our easy to install SOLAR HOT WATER GEYSER combines the water tank and solar panel into one lightweight system. Made from special materials, it contains no metal parts that could rust, cause corrosion or water contamination. The geyser has been designed to work in areas of low and high water pressure.

SABS approved!

Modular design can be connected to more units to create larger capacity system: – 200, 300, 400, 500L

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrated lightweight tank & solar panel
  • Rooftop mounting brackets (included)
  • Join them together in to different configurations
  • Installation kit (included)
  • Tank can be manually filled with hose pipe if needed

How does it work? Do it yourself installation

The best position for the geyser installation is on your rooftop or in a suitable sun facing outdoor surface. Connect an inlet cold water pipe and an outlet hot water pipe. You can fit a tap directly to the hot water pipe or connect directly into existing plumbing* (for retro fitting to a conventional geyser, a controller kit accessory is required). The sun rays are caught by the plasma solar panel which heats the water inside the tank. Turn on the tap and you will have hot water.

Perfect for Africa, made in South Africa. SABS approved – export ready

The solar geyser has been designed for African climates and is completely hail proof. The streamline integrated design removes the need for a traditional metal tank that can cause dangerous structural problems in high winds. Our hot water geyser solution is able to work in the most remote locations and in any sunny environment, it does not rely on water utility infrastructure and can be filled manually with a hand pump, hose pipe or even bottles if needed.

Technical Overview

Product Code: SPSOLARG01A

Materials: Plastic, Acrylic, polycarbonate

Weight: 33kg Empty weight

Included in the box: 100 KPA Integrated panel unit. PRV Valve pre-set to 3Kpa. Mounting brackets for tiled, IBR or corrugated roof.

Modular ability: More units can be connected using extension kit accessory*

Compliance: SABS Approved, export ready

Size of unit: 1190mm*1160mm*155mm

Protection: Hail proof polycarbonate

Optional accessories: Flat roof mounting frame, Modular extension kit, Retrofit to existing geyser kit, Digital Controller, Back up element.

Country of manufacture: South Africa

Warranty: 5 Years

Skill level: DIY installation


Popular Questions & Answers

I want to use my solar hot water geyser in a location that does not have electricity or constant pressure running water, is this possible?
Yes, the standard unit it designed to work in areas that have no power and makes full use of the sun, unlike conventional geysers, the SPSOLARG01A tank can be filled with a hose pipe or bottled water, making it perfect for remote locations that do not have conventional utilities.

What size choices are your solar hot water geysers available in?
The standard unit size is 100L, you can add more units to create a large system, the geysers are modular and can connect together using the optional extension kit accessory*.

What warranties and certificates do your solar geysers come with?
Our solar geysers are SABS approved and come with a 5 year warranty to comply with both local and International standards.

What Countries can you deliver to?
Individual hot water geysers can be delivered locally within South Africa and in bulk to Europe, Russia, USA, Nigeria, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, Namibia, Rwanda, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Somali, Kenya, Tanzania & Chad.

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